Our Clients

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Merch & Swag is Body Armor’s #1 go to for all our promotional needs! Eric and his team understand the needs and demands of our business and are a valued partner and part of the BA family!

Amy Salzman Body Armor

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The promotional products we have ordered have always turned out beautifully no matter the quantity we order. The custom webstore and service you get along with that is also second to none.

James Fleischer Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

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We were looking for an easy and effective solution to sell merchandise for our brand, and Merch & Swag delivered! The transition to the webstore was seamless, and their team helped us every step of the way.

Jesse Viola Viola Media

NY-based Local Company With Commercial Capabilities

Custom Apparel and Products:  We handle your teams and your dreams and craft them in-house at our local NY Merch and Swag shop, from our commercial embroidery equipment and our incredible screen-printing machines that handle the art to the creative artists and Merch and Swag teams that work to complete your order.


Having materials, machinery, and staff in-house, in our New York-based headquarters, is essential to being expeditious, and very timely when needed at the last minute too, to not just fulfill small orders in a timely fashion, but also to complete the expansive multinational orders of thousands of pieces of product for businesses like Bodyarmor by important deadlines.


Whether you are a business of one, a local resident needing custom apparel for sports teams and charities, or a small to mid-size to large corporate-sized businesses, we treat everyone with the same attention and strive to perfect your vision in our promotional products, custom screen printed and custom embroidered apparel and also custom webstores and e-commerce fulfillment, where our teams become your employees, crafting, packing, organizing, and shipping to fulfill your clients’ needs.


If you want to develop a brand for yourself, maybe you are a prospective local author or a business in need of standing apart from the competition at New York City trade shows and local Long Island events, Merch & Swag has you covered.


We are more than happy to help you find your identity and then to build upon that brand.

Whether you are from Montauk or Manhattan, New York or Brussels, Merch and Swag is happy to help you look your best!